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Executive Coaching


  • 10+ years of experience

  • Target audience: executive, director, partner

  • Values: loyalty, focus, discipline

  • Premise: helping clients to make the right decisions

  • Access to a diverse network

  • Unique location: estate within the Randstad

  • Themes: personal branding, career, introspection

Client Profiles


  • Head of Government for a European country 

  • Senior Partners in ‘Big Four’ - accounting / advice firm

  • Senior Partner in a strategy consultancy 

  • CEO of a retail organisation 

  • CEO of the Netherlands for a service provider

  • Member of Board of Directors for paint and chemicals firm 

  • Director of a pension fund 

  • Director in Italy for a large recruitment firm

  • Member of Parliament

  • Director of a media organisation 

  • Head of a leading university

  • Chairman of a print and media company 

  • General Manager of a travel company 

  • Director of a family owned company 

  • Director of communications and spokesperson for head of media company

  • Partner at a consultancy and investor in community projects

  • Communication Director for an NGO 



Career and business issues


  • Consultant and sounding board for career and enterprise

  • Expertise: strategy, marketing, communications, media, brands, and reputation

  • Conscientious with the careers of clients

  • Previously partner and consultant at Van Ede & Partners (career, coaching)



Personal branding


Personal branding is an instrument with which to help individuals become more effective at succeeding in their initiatives and career trajectory. It uses many of the same techniques as are used in managing brands.

Content of Programme:

  • Personal values and identity

  • Hierarchy of goals (revenue, reputation initiative, career, etc.)

  • Hierarchy of customers / audience

  • Competition and positioning

  • Strategy and method

  • Themes and core messages, quotes and metaphors 

  • Channels and (social) media

  • Use of media (video, imagery) 

  • Ambassadors, e.g. side kick

  • Frequency of contact, timing, and momentum

  • Activity Plan

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